Amateur Surgeon 3

Amateur Surgeon 3

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  • Original
  • Irreverent humor and fun
  • It may be considered ordinary
  • In the end, it's non-sense gaming
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Expert's Review

"Doctor, doctor, my blood went where it shouldn't..."

Reviewed by / Feb 13, 2014

A game about precision and mettle

There's a time in every child's life that they want to become vets. Then they grow and change their mind, hoping to be renowned doctors instead.
Time goes by, and by, and then, well, here's Amateur Surgeon 3, an irreverent and nonsense game unable to teach first aid, anatomy or whatever else but pulse and nerve. Or not even that.

This games includes the usual stuff like the usual transgender robot (warning, for the record, this MIGHT well be the first game in mobile video game history to feature a transgender character) and the usual chainsaw. It's fun for fun's sake, like a mobile version of Operation! You'll learn how it works and which gears do what in a few seconds, but you'll continue to play anyway for a while.

Design, though it may not be of your liking, has been carefully done to not be of your liking (I found that pun in a patient's appendix). They aren't gorey at all, but there're a lot of fake organs. Controls should be enhanced to allow tilt, though.

Therefore, unless cartoon surgery makes you sick, a game worthy to be given a go. At least once.

Developer's original description available here

If so, then you are wasting time reading this when you could be playing “AMATEUR SURGEON: TAG-TEAM TRAUMA” and LIVING THAT DREAM.
As rookie surgeon Ophelia Payne you must cut your way to the heart of a dark mystery while saving lives using your trusty pizza cutter, stapler, car battery - and host of other inappropriate tools!

Amateur Surgeon 3 also features the following exciting bullet-points!

• More than 20 over-the-top surgeries in 6 exotic locations including:
• Inept Criminals!
• Radioactive Bats!
• A Possibly-Cannibal!
• Transgender Robot!
• Mutated Cultists!
• Full, awesome story with inappropriate humour and cheap gags!
• 8 colourful tag-team surgery partners with bizarre special abilities!
• Fully customisable upgrades for your tools!
• Multiple save slots to share with family/friends!
• A genetically-enhanced Pug called Mister Giblets!

Download now for FREE!

(…and then hopefully spend some money on all the cool extra stuff we have in the game!)

*(You have the chainsaw – not the bear)

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Comments and ratings for Amateur Surgeon 3
  • (66)

    by Sandra STANTON on 16/04/2014

    Becuse it is fun it has lots of Detels

  • (66)

    by Christina Dominguez on 16/04/2014


  • (66)

    by Sandra Vides on 16/04/2014

    I love this games so much !!!!!!!#!#:-)

  • (66)

    by Kalamari Von Darkanstuf on 16/04/2014

    I wad only able to do the first level, which was pretty alright, but there was this ill placed ad that kept popping up when I went to hit play... so it kept taking me to the Play Store. When I finally got past that, it would freeze and crash. Even when th

  • (66)

    by Alexander Maximo Du Buf on 15/04/2014

    I'm frickin stuck at the loading screen! I thought it would be a nice game, but IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!

  • (66)

    by Daniel Martinez on 15/04/2014

    Its really fun but it always gliches

  • (66)

    by Natalie Gonzalez on 15/04/2014

    I like how you put action