Big Business Deluxe


Big Business Deluxe's review

by Peter Warrior

Management gameplay at its best

  • Excellent gameplay
  • Great graphics, animations and sound
  • Free to play, no ads, just optional iaps
  • More fantasy-future stuff would have been welcomed

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"This is real business"

Game Insight is one of the most dedicated publishers to management games, if not the most. Since their successful Paradise Island, they've been improving game after game, and their latest release, Big Business, is just impressive.

Technically is as good as you would expect. Buildings are full of little details here and there, so if you ever get bored you can always roam your city and see with your own eyes what's going on.

Regarding gameplay, to all the usual management features, we have to add two additional ones: first, the "sleeping AI" that works when you aren't into it; and secondly, there are some scattered secrets you have to dig up. In addition, social features have been boosted so you can help your friends or take part in contests and tournaments. And everything for free, no ads, just in-app purchases in case you're eager to advance faster than the normal game pace (which isn't such slow, by the way)

Management fans, here's your new dose. Proceed.

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Sep 06, 2013

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