Bunny Run


Bunny Run's review


Bunny Run brings a forest-theme and animals to the endless running genre

  • Very cute graphics
  • Optional IAPs
  • Gameplay gets boring quickly

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"Run, run, run, and escape that grizzly bear"


This bunny has just found out that bears, especially when they’re angry, are pretty dangerous creatures. In Bunny Run, you’ll be helping a cute little bunny in the wilderness escape the clutches of an infuriated and incredibly hungry grizzly bear who wants you to become his next meal. Instead of the usual swipe left and swipe right to move, you can also tilt your device to avoid obstacles and swipe up to jump. You’ll also be picking up coins along the way to upgrade your rabbit or unlock more animals to save.


Bunny Run does features incredibly cute graphics that will appeal to just about any gamer. Controls are also quite easy to pick-up. In-app purchases are also optional, and not needed to play or advance in this game.


Bunny Run doesn’t provide anything truly innovative, so if you’re bored of endless runners, this game won’t convince you.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Feb 12, 2016

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