Click! The Game: Pro Edition



Click! The most intense MBCOG (Massive Button Clicking Online Game) to ever grace the universe! Behind every Click! lies a mystery that only you can discover. Compete with your friends for who can Click! the most. Look like you are extremely busy by furiously Click!ing.

NEW! Pro Version removes annoying ads that don't make us any money anyway! Or play Lite version and deal with it!

#1 App on END Games App List!!!
#1 Paid Game on END Games Paid Game List!!!


- You can click a really cute but maybe a little evil button.
- You get a point for each time you click.
- NEW! You can get 2x points with the fancy schmancy Click Doubler!
- Your scores are constantly saved in near-real time to the global Click! leaderboards.
- Connect with Facebook to out Click! your friends and post really annoying messages they have to read or hide on their wall.
- Free game with Lite Version, or No Ads in Pro Version


"Finally, a game my 1 year old can play on his Android!"
- END Games Designer

"Click! makes me want to buy an Android right now."
- END Games Office Manager

"The game's diverse soundtrack highlights a variety of styles that, when combined with gameplay, offers an uncommonly Rich player experience. See what I did there?"
- END Games Audio Director

"Why the hell did we make this?"
- END Games Programmer

"One button to rule them all."
- END Games Artist

"No really. It's just clicking."
- END Games Life Champion

"Quite possibly the best, if not only, MBCOG (Massive Button Clicking Online Game) in existence."
- END Games PR Guy

"Who knew one button could do so much?"
- That's What She Said

"Click! Showcases what makes the Android an incredible device. The music, graphics, and single-touch, immersive gaming experience is second to none. If you desire an app that will not only provide you with eternal happiness, but will make you the envy of all you show it to, Click! is more than worth being free."
- Random but Highly Eloquent Neighbor

"It'll pretty much change your life."
- No One Actually Said This

"The hotly anticipated sequel to Diablo and World of Warcraft is not this game."
- Some Guy On Twitter


END Games is an incredibly good looking bunch of veteran massively multiplayer online game developers, including the creative forces behind the popular children's online game, LEGO Universe. They decided since they already created the most complex piece of entertainment software on the market, they might as well make the simplest as well to cover the full spectrum of possibility. Click! is the result of that grand vision, and already has hundreds of millions of players who have never heard of it.

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