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Build a chain reaction to get your goal

  • Smart and challenging
  • Free
  • It might be even more spectacular
  • It might have more even more levels

"Schrodinger's cat not included"

CM GG THD is a diabolic machine-like game in which you have con fulfill a predetermined goal thanks to the items you have at your disposal and your own cleverness. Essentially, they are everyday objects such as toys, wooden pieces and notions that, when used together, create new combinations to make a marble roll, a toy truck dash or a china vase to be blown off. It's very important to know which items are rope friendly and which aren't, as ropes play a key role in the game. Fortunately, you'll get tips about new items as you advance.

There are more than 40 challenges in increasing difficulty, every one of them allowing multiple solutions and more than 60 items available. Some advanced stages are really tricky and play with wind or gravity, making this game quite hard and brainy, what is deeply appreciated. In upcoming updates, Viva Media announces a level creator and a way to share your devilish ideas. Long story short, it isn't an original concept, but it's taken far beyond other much simpler games. User interface and animations may feel clumsy at first, but there aren't any relevant flaws.

In the end, recommendable for anyone looking for no-nonsense gaming.

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May 24, 2013

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