Defense Technica


Defense Technica's review

by Peter Warrior

A 3D defense game

  • Great 3D graphics and animations
  • A little bit of storyline and lore
  • Adequate freemium formula
  • No complaints

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"Fend off the invasion in 3D"

OK, there aren't many tweaks left in the tower defense genre, so you would expect of Defense Technica to be a yet-another mainstream tower defense game. For better or worse, it isn't, as it incorporates elements from collectible card games and traditional defense gaming, thence creating something somehow new but requiring a throughout tutorial before actually diving into the game.

Graphics are fairly above average and are truly zoominable 3D, and there's even an attempt to frame the action within a storyline. Upgrade system is quite complex, so if you're looking for the standard and straightforward defense game of "raise towers and sat back", it'd be better you look elsewhere. For those who stay, don't miss the help menu, as it also works as a compilation of Technica's lore.

Perhaps it's to soon to say this game will set the new standard in tower defense gaming, but have for sure that competitors will have to take it into account.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Jul 30, 2013

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