Touching and slinding your finger to control your machine, and try to destroy enemies that will come to you constantly and get a high score.
Let me end this epic space war in your hands!
If you get a high score, you can register your score to the ranking to be the best in the world.

[how to control]
- slide your finger ・・・ move and fire.(It is possible to operate it from the position in which the machine was separated so as not to hide oneself by the finger. )

- Red order : Multiple Shot
- Purple order : Power Shot
- Yellow order : Back Shot
- Green order : Shot speed up between bullets
- Skyblue order : Shield
- Rainbow order : All enemies destroyed![NEW ITEM!](Ver2.0.5)
- Black order : ???[NEW ITEM!](Ver2.0.6)
- Diamond : Gain score

※GalaxyLaserACT2 and VSBOSS is released, and enjoy matching it by all means, please.

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