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    Published: 2013-02-12, by .

    Helidroid Battle is a 3D radio-control helicopter fighting game

    • Graphics
    • 30 different objectives (instructions in 13 different languages)
    • Different control mode
    • Up to 3 environments and 3 helicopter models
    • Entertaining
    • Gyro controlling mode should be more accurate
    • The helicopter doesn't crash
    • Needs more game modes

    "I though it was just about toys"

    MH Productions, the developer of Helidroid series, has gone a step forward with this worthy sequel. Helidroid I was about steering: training and missions to challenge your flying skills. However, Helidroid II assumes you are an expert pilot already and gets you into battles against other RC helicopters.

    The game is set in similar environments: indoors, different rooms of a family house. There are up to three environments available (living room, bedroom and kitchen) as well as three different models of helicopter (Apache, Comanche and Super Puma). Although graphics are quite similar to the previous version, improvements are noticeable. Actually, the game has been optimized to run smoothly even on medium-end devices while keeping neat textures and great effects.

    Obviously, gameplay has changed: although it is still based on missions, now you'll have to face 1vs1 battles against CPU. Your Helidroid has been equipped with guns and rockets. Guns' bullets are unlimited but you can run out of rockets: try to grab reloads hidden on the stage. As it was a Street Fighter battle, each helicopter has its HP bar. Try to empty your opponent's and avoid being touched to get the highest score in each level (3-star scoring system). In addition, you will unlock lots of achievements, depending on your performance. There are up to 30 objectives to accomplish during the fight (instructions are in 13 languages).

    There are two control mode to steer the helicopter: joystick mode, which is a screenpad for controlling moves and fire, and gyro mode, which uses tilt-controls for moving and some screenpad buttons for firing and adjusting altitude.

    Catches: the helicopter doesn't crash unless it is knocked down by an opponent. It would be more complicate as well as funnier if it crashed. In addition, different game modes would be great too, including a multiplayer game mode. Despite of this, the game is highly recommended for all audiences.

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