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My Planet is a virtual simulation game where you take control of a planet and try to grow a healthy and thriving population! It is like a virtual pet or Tamagotchi game on a planetary level. Play God by manipulating the sunlight and the rain in order to grow as large a population as possible.

My Planet runs in real time, even when the the game is closed. Therefore, you must keep checking back throughout the day to make sure your planet is running at optimal levels. The controls are simple to use, by mastery can take weeks. Can you achieve the ultimate goal of growing your planet to over 1,000,000 people? Or will your planet burn under the sun while your people anguish? The choice is yours!

The ultimate goal of My Planet is to grow a happy and thriving population. Your population will continue to grow as long as you have a healthy level of Vegetation on your planet (represented by the green bar). The more vegetation you have, the faster your population will grow. Likewise, if your vegetation levels get too low, your people will starve to death and population will begin to decline.

Vegetation grows when it has the proper amount of sunlight and water. For optimal vegetation and thus population growth, you must try to keep your Sun and Water levels in the sweet spot, indicated by your Sun and Water meters being 50% full. If you have too much sunlight, vegetation will dry up and your people will die. If you have too little sunlight, vegetation cannot grow and your people will starve. Same concept with water. If you have too much, vegetation will flood out and die. To little, and drought will set in. Check your planet every day to make sure you have the optimal amount of sun and water!

I am always looking to improve my apps, so if you have any ideas on how to make My Planet better, please let me know. The idea for My Planet was taken from a similar app titled Planet in a Bottle, which was one of my favorite apps. Sadly though, that game hasn't been updated in ages and it seems like the project is abandoned. But I will continue to update and improve my version, so let me know what you would like to see added in the future! This app is for you guys!

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Added Faith statistic
Added the Afterlife
Added god powers
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Comments and ratings for My Planet
  • (56 stars)

    by sierra harley on 14/04/2014

    This game is fun but I would like to see where you can go into doffernt places and look at what the people are doing and add where we can fight are friends

  • (56 stars)

    by Alan Pickel on 13/04/2014

    The game is very empty. There's nothing really to do. You either turn on the rain, or turn on the sun. And if you leave the water on for to long, say goodbye to your population. They all die. And you start over. There's no real goal, and the game is borin

  • (56 stars)

    by Matic Babič on 13/04/2014

    Only thing I'd suggest is fixing some kind of alarm option to remind you that the planet is overheathing or drowning.

  • (56 stars)

    by Kaysee Ellis on 12/04/2014

    I am very happy with this app. A suggestion though, the actual percentage of all the necessities (sun, water, etc.) Would be helpful if they were displayed. I love the simplicity of the game. :)

  • (56 stars)

    by Jacob Webster on 11/04/2014

    When's the next update?anyways when you do update it you should make a 3d style planet where you can zoom into the cities and stuff and make a worldwide storm(for example an ice age)and stuff like that.(and make it easier to gain faith I've gotten the veg

  • (56 stars)

    by Hassan Mughal on 11/04/2014

    Game was great... Until for no reason it decided to reset my population to 37 :( I was on over a million and the sun /water levels were fine

  • (56 stars)

    by skyler cobb on 10/04/2014

    It needs a pause option so your world doesnt die