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This is multi payline slot machine lets you carry the experience of casino in your phone with an easy to use interface.It is a 3-reel, 5 pay line Slot Machine. The virtual reel has 64 slots for symbols.User can select payline(s) of choice by pressing payline button.User interface is just like a real slot machine, so press SPIN button and have fun.

Here are main features of the slot-
+ Supports shake feature, shake device to SPIN
+ Up to 5 pay lines supported
+ Two bonus games give player chance to win up to 5X
+ Heyzap social gaming platform is integrated
+ Two challenges 50 spin and 20 spin supported, players can challenge each other using heyzap.
+ 3 different leaderboards (Rich list, jackpot hitters and sevens hits) supported
+ Scores can be restored after reinstall

Higher bets allowed once credits increases to 10000, 100000 and 1000000.

Latest version is integrated with Heyzap.Now players can see their rank globally and among friends. Also players can challenge each other. The winnings from challege mode is added to regular CREDITS after challenge is over.

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