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    Published: 2013-11-15, by .

    Faithful emulation of the crane game in arcades, this time with sushi

    • Really is as frustrating as the arcade crane game
    • The sushis are sorta kinda cute?
    • Ends up being more annoying than fun, just like the arcade game

    "I must say, I prefer skeeball"

    Did anyone actually like playing the crane game in the arcade? It didn't spit out any tickets like other more awesome games, and the stupid grabber mechanism had to have been covered in Vaseline - friggin' plushies never stayed put. In the case that you're actually nostalgic for trying to win your 8th grade girlfriend a stuffed pink elephant, you should definitely download Hubase-i, Inc.'s Susheez Catcher 3D-Sushi Claw.

    Manipulate the crane with the joystick to position yourself above the stuffed sushi figurines. Once you think you're in position, press the button to deploy. If you grab one, huzzah! You'll automatically head back to the depositing box. If you miss, tough noogies - you'll head back anyway, wasting away your precious seconds.

    There are upgrades galore available here, although I'm not sure what would compel a person to play long enough to deck out your crane super-mega-kawaii style.

    Graphics are, indeed, three dimensional. However, the view is static - so that's less exciting than it could be.

    Hubase-i, Inc.'s Susheez Catcher 3D-Sushi Claw delivers on being just as frustrating as its real-life arcade counterpart.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Nov 15, 2013

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