The Elements: Sand Game



The Elements is a sandbox-style game modeled off of the Falling Sand/Powder Game. Control the sandbox you wish you had, with over 30 elements ranging from explosives like C4 and Oil to Plants which grow in the presence of Water to Acid that dissolves most elements in it's path!

But those are only the base elements included with the game. With the power of the Custom Element Editor, you can create, modify, and save your own elements. The only limitation is your imagination! Best of all, we've opened up almost every single property that regular elements have, meaning you can create entirely unique elements.

Key features of the app include:
- Custom element editor
- Real gravity control (accelerometer control, enabled via the preferences)
- Space-like gravity in Space mode, with black holes, and other gravitational objects
- Camera tool to convert pictures to game scenes
- Heat dynamics and phase transitions between elements
- Psuedo-realistic fluid dynamics
- Explosives like C4 and Oil
- Saving and loading as many scenes as you want

Also consider our new live wallpaper! It runs The Elements: Sand Game in your background!

To learn more, visit our google code page at Comments or questions? Shoot us an email at

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