Townsmen's review


Townsmen is a strategy game with storyline

  • Storyline (chapters/missions)
  • Graphics
  • Tutorial
  • Force closes in some devices

"Townsmen's story"

We're used to play strategy and management games and we know that even though there's a timeline, there isn't a storyline backing it up. HandyGames has put that logic upside down. Townsmen is a strategy game played by chapters that are themed-missions.

In each chapter you will have to deal with one specific problem of a city government: knights training and tournaments, trade and merchants, prestige and citizens welfare and many more. Tutorial settles the basics, in each chapter all these policies are fully developed. The goal: becoming a great governor of Townsmen.

There's lot of stuff to deal with: dozen of buildings, different scenarios and units and townies with their daily routines. Graphics are cute, similar to other management games. Camera can be moved by dragging and players can also zoom in/out by pinching. That's good to view closer how good your citizens are doing.

Graphics, storyline and lots of buildings and units. Highly recommended.

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