X City - Build your dream city


X City - Build your dream city's review

by Peter Warrior

A strategy game based upon creating, growing and ruling a city.

  • Nice graphics
  • Lags and occasional force closes.

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"Build a city and rule over it"

X City would come to be a mix between Farmville and Cityville. You have not only to plant crops, but to raise buildings and manage your citizens' happiness too. There are a lot of buildings to choose among, as new ones appear when you achieve enough experience points to gain a new level. In addition, there's a social side where you can send gifts to your friends and neighbors and help each other to grow faster. Once you sign up in X City you become part of the Papaya Community with million of users worldwide.

Graphics are cool, with that childish style so in fashion nowadays. This game's an easy time waster, but the UI may be somewhat uncomfortable if you aren't playing on a tablet. Likewise, it gets lagged from time to time and it can even force close if you aren't strongly anchored to a wifi connection.

In conclusion, it aims to be a great game, but it needs a lot of improvement to become the king of hill of the social sim city games. Aidi Game has tried to add more ingredients to its Papaya milkshake when there wasn't any need to do so.

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Aug 04, 2011

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