Basketball shooting machine



Game description:
You Slamdunk this? Within 90 seconds, you can vote in how much? This game is similar to a crazy play in the game room

Crazy shot, you just need to aim the basket, hard shot on it. The shot success 2 points in the final 20 seconds to vote

, One can get 3 points! Come on now!

Operational Guidelines:
Press and hold the Charge control the shooting angle and intensity, every vote once, you can get two points. In the last twenty seconds, every vote

At one time, was third. So, the more to the end, the more energetically the development effort!

How to get started:
Click START GAME - click PLAY to start the game

Game objectives:
Play superb basketball skills on the streets, and put as much of the ball dropped into the basket!

Tags: basketball, shooting machine

Tags: shooting machine , basketball shooting games

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