Card Sorting




    ★ ★ ★ The greatest challenge to your brain! ★ ★ ★
    This game need to activity all your left and right brain! Only the most clever one can play it well!
    This game is different from the orther puzzle games. You need to distinguish among shapes, colors and numbers, will classify them to the appropriate folder, but that is not all!
    Within each level, your goal is different!One may only require matching colors. After that you may require matching the color and shape! What? The next requires an exact match!
    The game has a compact level design, you need to be ready to switch your thinking! Inertia of thinking will be your worst enemy and only quick reaction can bring succeed!
    In addition to the challenge to your brain, this game also prepared some little problems to test you. Do you have confidence to deal with these little problems?
    Operation of the game is very simple to avoid misoperation.
    This is a puzzle game. If you are confident about your reaction or wish to exercise your brain, make sure not to miss it!

    ★ Game Features
    1 Great challenge to your brain
    2 Unique gameplay
    3 Cartoon style
    4 Simple operation
    5 Best choice for brain activity

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