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    Classic do’s and don’ts for successful dating.

    Have you ever had the perfect date only to discover that she doesn’t want to go out with you again, leaving you wondering what on earth went wrong?

    Dating is a form of communication. And as such, is very fragile when first practiced by people who don’t know each other well. It requires careful planning and obeying to specific rules of the unwritten dating law. Some boundaries are not meant to be broken, some information is not meant to be passed out. The secrets of successful dating are simple, but if you don’t know them, it’s very easy to end up alone, again.

    “When my sister gave me this app as a present, I thought it was silly. But then, when I used those tips… I don’t think I’d have my girlfriend now if I hadn’t used them”- C. Bailey.

    Dating is a community with laws and fines.

    • Take advantage of the valuable information included.

    • Make sure you don’t turn her into the one who got away.

    Be smart. Not just another guy from the crowd.

    • Impress her with simple, effective moves.

    • Push all the right buttons and clear the way to her heart.

    It would be a perfect world if we were all spontaneous and were just appreciated for it. Unfortunately, in our world, many times our actions can be misunderstood, especially by people who don’t know us very well. We can send messages with our words and our moves that we never intended to and it could be catastrophic for our dating future.

    Women don’t have the same thinking procedures as you do. They tend to over-analyze every word you say, every little move you make. And most of the time, with negative results. Once you have joined the dance of dating, you need to make the right steps. This app introduces you to the basic, simplest and easiest steps of this little dance. Following them as proposed, will ensure that your good intentions will not be misunderstood and your good deeds will be rewarded.

    Interacting with cupid today, can be a tricky business. In the old days it was simple. You saw, you talked, fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. In the present time, relationships are more complicated because we live in a more complicated society. People tend to hide their real emotions and motives and one has to be very careful when meeting strange people. Especially women, who are physically vulnerable by nature. You can’t possibly trust someone just by looking at them. You have to get to know them, try to read the messages hidden under conversations, between the lines, behind movements, in order to make sure it is safe and harmless to open up yourself.

    Single (and not only) people all over the world are engaging to the dating game. Men and women of all ages and all nations are throwing themselves to the hazardous race of finding Mr or Mrs Right. On-line dating sites pop-up, by the minute, in the net. Blind dates are daily scheduled by concerned friends. Speed dating festivities are being organized internationally. All of them created in the service of a demanding clientele who is searching for the significant other of their life.

    However, dating can be fun. If you follow the simple advice provided to you by this app and overcome the obstacle of your actions being misread, you can enjoy yourself and the company of your partner. First date tips, what you should and shouldn’t say, little things you need to be attentive to, are all in your disposal, with a little shake of your mobile phone. No more wondering why the date ended up badly on her side, while you thought everything was perfect. No more questioning how things went from great to disastrous in a blink of an eye.

    Download the app, but remember. We just give you the initial dance steps. It’s in your hand to enrich them with your own, authentic moves.

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