Ducati Challenge


Ducati Challenge's review

by Peter Warrior

An exciting bike racing game

  • Awesome racing game
  • Official Ducati license
  • Technically above average.
  • It could have more varied races: off road, etc

"Ride your own Ducati"

Although there are a thousand and one car racing games, bikes haven't had so much luck. So far, the vast majority of bike riding games where poor or average games ported from Flash or remakes of old games in which you had to ride through a street full of obstacles in an up-down view.

Ducati Challenge may not be the ultimate bike simulator, but it isn't its goal. Its gameplay stands halfway between arcade and more complex games, so it's perfectly suitable both for users who like to run the faster the better and for those who are looking for a sort of biking experience.

Graphics are great, and there's been quite a work regarding licenses and how every bike must look like. Overall, it's a complete game, perhaps the best so far on two wheels. If you are or want to be into thrilling races and dramatic falls, here's Ducati Challenge.

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Sep 21, 2012

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