Easy Cookie Recipes

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    Easy Cookie Recipes

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    Yes, it’s easy as one, two, and three! It’s actually just mix, bake and wait.

    Have you ever wondered if you can actually bake?
    Are you health conscious and in a budget?

    If your answer is yes, by all means read on.

    Imagine the wonderful goodness of a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies right on top of your kitchen counter. And you are the one with the mitten and the apron, beaming and proud of your creations. Yes, this is possible.

    “My first batch of cookies was a hit. I did not think I could pull it off but I did”. -Jasmin Y.
    “I do bake a lot but still it’s nice to have access to the recipes anytime.” –Barbara V.

    Cookies are generally easy to prepare and bake so it’s a good place to start learning your baking basics. Really, if you think baking your own fresh batch of cookies is intimidating it’s certainly not! And it’s definitely easier if you have Easy Cookie Recipes on hand. You’re sure to be the baking princess in no time. We have chosen the most popular cookies and we have put together instructions that anyone can follow. Even for those who have never had face time with an oven.

    Wait! Not familiar with baking jargon? No worries, each recipe has information on “bake talk”, so you won’t find yourself wondering what to do. The recipe instructions are written step by careful step so you won’t miss anything as some compact recipes are written.

    No time for baking? Too Busy? All the cookie recipes are done in less than 12 minutes. Preparation is less than that. Going to the grocery store the bakery take longer than that to get your hands on some cookies.

    Besides, think about it.

    Store bought cookies are great tasting but not knowing what actually goes there to preserve it is enough reason to try and stay away from them. Health buffs sure are familiar with the terms trans-fats, high fructose corn sugar, high sodium content and highly commercial refined flour. Exactly the ingredients that go in those nicely packed cookies in your supermarket. So if you want to avoid all the badness, get the courage to bake your own cookies. Easy Cookie Recipes is just that, easy! You really can’t go wrong.

    The cookie recipe ingredients are few and are positively low cost, you’ll want to make all of them at once! They are also great gift ideas for any occasion. Fill up cookie jars for Christmas or put them in a small basket as a welcome token. Or simply impress your future mother in law or the new teacher. You’ll find plenty of reasons to bake these scrumptious cookies and there is enough variety to last you a.… or until we come up with Easy Cookie Recipes 2.0!

    Download the app now and find out if you have what it takes to bake. Or if you simply do not want to have to look for that crumpled piece of cookie recipe you stashed somewhere.

    So again, let’s imagine the wonderful goodness of a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies right on top of your kitchen counter. And you are the one with the mitten and the apron. Yes, this is possible, in less than one hour. Add the time it takes to download the app, the short trip to the grocery store plus the less than 20 minute baking frenzy and then… yes, no need to imagine.

    Download now and get baking!

    The only thing we did not include in the app is the standard baking tools which are the oven, baking sheet/tray, mixing bowls, whisk and the good old spatula or some old fashioned wooden spoon.

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