Fingerboard: Skateboard Pro


Fingerboard: Skateboard Pro's review


Fingerboard Skateboard brings fingerboards and cool tricks to your device

  • You don't need a large screen
  • Easy tap controls
  • Gameplay is fun
  • Way too many ads

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"Perform tricks with your very own fingerboard"


Before skateboards became really popular, there were only fingerboards you could test out your skills on without having to risk hurting yourself. And before the 3D version, there was just the regular 2D version of Fingerboard Skateboard, where you could perform cool tricks, like a kickflip, a heelflip, an ollie, and much more, with just your two fingers. Just select your perform and start performing tricks like a pro skateboarder or fingerboarder.


You don’t need a large screen to run this game, unlike the follow-up sequel. Tap controls are quite easy to get used to. Gameplay is also quite fun.


This game features a whole lot of ads. You also can’t unlock all of the skateboards. Gameplay could be a whole lot smoother than it actually is.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Jan 04, 2016

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