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by Peter Warrior

Enjoy shooting free kicks

  • Fun
  • Technically outstanding, but not conceited
  • Overall, no complaints

"It's just 30 meters away..."

Even when it's obvious that soccer is one of the most popular sports on Earth, it seems that we will never get bored of playing soccer-related games. This time comes Freekick Battle, which is as near to soccer as Angry Birds would be to a flight simulator. In short, it's about kicking a ball into a goal, customize your characters (vanity items galore) and have fun for fun's sake. That's why we love Gamevil's games so much, I suppose, especially those coded by Cocosoft (the same guys behind Punch Hero)

Cartoonish polygonal graphics, deliberately given a harmless appereance, nice animations and a precise difficulty curve. Indeed, it's very difficult to find technical issues beyond an eventual rendering bug or clip. Likewise, gameplay is smooth. It may sound as a cliche, but you will learn the basics in a few minutes and spent the whole evening to master where the ball goes.

We'd like there were more fantasy kicks and plays, to point of recommending to the developers to watch Captain Tsubasa again and add some of the most famous plays seen there. Meanwhile, scissor kick goals will always be the favorite of any soccer fan. As it happens too often with Gamevil's games, in-app purchases are quite expensive, but game can be played for free from the very beginning to its end, if it had one.

As always, you can dare to enter the online mode once you are used to training and arcade modes, just stand near a wifi hotspot for your own convenience.

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Aug 28, 2012

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