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    An old man is busting his ass to mine gold in different valleys.He has to raise his family,so he has to work hard.There are golds scattered here and there in the valley,however,before he could reach those golds,troubles come first,he must overcome those difficulties.The rule is that he must roll up enough golds in a limited time,if he cant reach the goal of that level,he'll be ousted from there and stay hungry for a whole day.
    Classic and popular game Gold Miner comes to Android market, this one much better than the classic Gold Miner. Your mission is to collect as much money as possible before time runs out in each level. Between levels you can buy some bonus items that can help you in the next level.

    Items that can help you:
    * Diamond Polish. Durring the next level diamonds will be worth more money. Only good for one level.
    * Rock Collectors book. Rocks will be worth three times as much money on the next level. This is only good for one level.
    * Lucky Clover. This will increase the chances of getting something good out of the grab bags on the next level. This is only good for one level.
    * Strength drink. The Miner will reel up objects a little faster on the next level. The drink only lasts for one level.
    * Bomb candle,after you have grabbed onto something with your claw, tap the miner to throw a piece of dynamite at it and blow it up.

    * More funny targets.
    * Enhanced UI.

    How to play:
    * Tap the screen to release the claw when it swing and aim at valuable target.
    * Tap the screen to throw bomb(amount>0) when claw reel up target.

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