Grand Prix Story


Grand Prix Story's review

by Peter Warrior

A new and original management game.

  • Original
  • Lack of interactivity during the races

"Managing a racing team Sounds good"

Gran Prix Story allows you to create and manage a fictitious racing car team from its early beginning: develop your first car, hire your mechanics and win races to grow larger and more famous.

Meanwhile, coach your staff so they don't get burnt, develop your cars and participate in races to get prizes and improve your reputation and experience step by step. Everything's clearly explained by your assistant. It's noteworthy that you don't actually run the races, this isn't a driving sim game. Once the race starts, all your work is done and only can attend the race as an spectator. Races last for less than two minutes, and unexpectedly, are quite exciting.

Retro graphics don't interfere in game performance and let you to pay attention to stats and stuff instead of flashy details. At the start there isn't too much to choose from, but as it should be expected, more stuff is unlocked as you play. As this is clearly a management game, it's by far more recommended to management fans rather than driving games players.

This is the complete version of the game. If you want to check it out first, look for the free Lite Version of the game, which lets you play for just one in-game year.

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Jan 27, 2014

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