Jet Ski Water Racing

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    Get ready for the best jet ski race ever!
    This addictive and fun app will have you at the edge of your seat!
    The goal is to get as furthest as possible. But that is NOT going to be an easy task!
    You need to constantly watch out for other boats/jets skis and rock walls; if you crash it's fatal!

    This amazing quality game that will make you explore all your senses.

    Easy StartUp Instructions:
    1. Move your "Jet SKi" from left-right by tilting the device.
    2. Touch the screen to go faster
    3. How Far Can You Go? Don't kill yourself.


    Sounds easy? Prove it to you and your friends; we now have game center available so that you can compete against your friends and the world!
    With amazing graphics and great tilting sensors... The fun is about to begin... Start your engines!