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Lianliankan rules simple easy to use. The game speed is fast, clear pictures of lovely, suitable for careful players. Rich props and public mode to join, enhance the competitiveness of the game. The map of the variety, make the player in each game levels can be looking for the challenge of the goal, to maintain the freshness of the game for a long time. See repeatedly test is your vision, in limited time, as long as all the same patterns that can link, the two rightness grounds find out, to find out every couple, they can disappear automatically, as long as all of all patterns can win the extinction. The so-called can be connected, refers to: either horizontal or vertical, from a design to another pattern of connections between can't more than two curved, among them, the cords cannot away from the design has not yet been after.

The first time use the mouse to click the interface of the object, this thing right now for "was chosen", in a particular way display; Once again in the mouse to click the other objects, if the object of the selected objects with the same design, and put the first objects to the second objects together, the pair of objects is turned off, or the first star objects back into a not selected state, while the second single object into selected state.

Leisure, fun and educational is playing the essence can see repeatedly, and both male and female, young and old, and working white-collar, is a suitable popular classic leisure little game