Miami Basketball: Heat Tip-Off




Not your typical basketball game! Pull back and release your jump shot "Angry Birds" style, Pick up power-ups and avoid obstacles to battle through 30 objective-based levels.

Play on the famous streets of Miami in the heat of the sun or the breeze of the summer night. Updates coming soon will incorporate leader board, achievements, and versus mode to compete against friends through Google Play Games!


[+] True physics engine built-in to replicate authentic bounces and shots
[+] Be careful, your players has lots of power, so don't flick too hard!
[+] On some levels, basketballs are free, so don't hold back! Throw as many as you can to beat the clock!
[+] Pick up the balls if you need more!


[+] Glass Tunnel - Get 10 seconds of glass goodness, gently rolling your shot into the hoop.
[+] Big Basket - Doubles the size of the hoop! Capitalize on these!
[+] Funnel - Make sure your arch is on; the funnel will collect your high shots and deposit them into the net.
[+] Ghotchamayne - What?? You'll have to find out for yourself.
[+] Many more!

Thats right! Slam dunk it like Lebron James or Shaq. Take a fade away three like Michael Jordan. YOU can be the Miami Heat hero! This is the best basketball game for Android. NBA stars, D-Leaguers, 2K players -- everybody loves Miami Basketball Heat Tip-Off.


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