NFL Guess Who



Go through a series of top NFL player pictures pixelated and see how well you really know your players.

See how well you fare on these severely-reduced images. If you get stuck, try keeping a few feet of distance between your eyes and device.

Humans are great at facial recognition, and a recent MIT study shows that around 80% of people can recognize faces of famous people from images made up of only a few pixels.

Also, the game keeps track of how well you're doing by showing what percent of the time you're correct in your guesses. Do you fall within that 80%?

Find the game too easy? Let us know and we'll make it harder come next release! Want to see more images or more features? Just send us an email or write a comment and we'll be sure to include it next time.

Simple, no nonsense UI. No useless menus and buttons to press. As soon as you start the app, you're ready to play!

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