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    Penalty ShootOut football game's review

    Published: 2012-06-26, by Peter Warrior.

    Your team is fated to face the penalty shootout.

    • Good soccer timewaster
    • Animations are nice
    • Sound and effects deserve to be improved.
    • It can get boring fast.


    This game requires Flash. Having that said, we can proceed.

    Although Penalty shootouts are pretty rare unless Italia is playing, they are one of the most exciting breakthroughs that can be seen on any sport. Penalty sudden death is feared by both contenders alike. That's why the very beginning of mobile gaming, and videogaming at all, penalties have awaken so much interest among gamers.

    It doesn't matter if you don't know soccer rules of if you haven't ever watched to a soccer game. There's a player who has to kick the ball inside the goal and a goalkeeper defending it. If the ball crosses the line inside the goal, a point is scored.

    How penalty video games work hasn't changed since a long time. Select the height of your kick, tap on to select where are you kicking to, and click a third and last time to stop the power bar. Too high, too left or rightwards, or too strong and your kick will send the ball outside and you will miss. When you are playing as the goalkeeper tap on where you want to dive to. You can either guess it or wait till the very last moment, when the CPU will sign with an X where it's aiming.

    Animations aren't as worse as it may seem at the beginning. Sound and graphics are greatly improvable, and it would be appreciated to enjoy of a cinematic here and there instead of reading the result on a newspaper. The most curious thing about this game is that it's actually easier to play as the keeper rather than the striker. We'd also like that every team had its own stats or something that makes a difference. Lastly, I wonder why English team wears what seems clown clothes.

    If you are a soccer (football for my friends at the old shore of the pond) fan, this game is worth giving it a go, at least as a time waster. The World Cup system guarantees some emotion. Game's ad supported, in which ads are placed at the starting menus, but not in-game.

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