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Pocket League Story Lite's review

by Peter Warrior

A soccer management game.

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Adequate amount of stuff to manage
  • Although it's its developer's signature, graphics can be improved.

"Bring big match action to life on your Android"

Kairosoft is a deeply specialized company in odd-yet-lovely management games. Pocket League isn't an exception and it comes with Kairosoft's signature: overwhelming 8·bit graphics, inexistence of midi music and an inexplicably addicitve gameplay.

As your own team coach, and as it happened in Gran Prix Story, you'll be a mere passive spectator of the matches. You'll be only able to change the formation (be warned, some are quite strange, e.g., 3-3-4 or 6-2-2) and the overall strategy (offensive, defensive...) so it'd be better if you take care of everything before the next match starts. You'll be helped by two assistants who will be at your side at every moment, specially at the beginning. Not only you'll have to hire and train players, you'll be in charge of enlarging the stadium and sow glory to harvest fame. Negotiate sponsorships with local commerces and research new techniques at the time you improve the physical, technical and psychological prowess of your team players.

Even when it maybe doesn't seem so, it's a great game. This lite version can be played for a full in-game year, first four matches or so. If you want to aspire to play the World League (yes, names are made up) you'll need to upgrade it before or when you end that first year.

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Jun 04, 2014

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