Real Soccer 2013


Real Soccer 2013's review

by Peter Warrior

Soccer simulator, 2013 version

  • Technically outstanding
  • Great gameplay
  • Free to play
  • In-app purchases everywhere

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"Kick off!"

This is the American version of Gameloft's Real Football 2013. If you are looking for the European version, look for that instead. For your convenience, the original review is submitted below:

Football matches last for ninety minutes and the rest, and that's approximately how much it will take you to download the 839Mb required to play. Well, at least is less than those last generation FPSs we are reviewing lately, and though it's a quite spectacular game, it works on any Android running 2.3 or higher.

Gameloft's last release features quite a few of official franchises and names, and even though some teams and fields and shirts may or may not resemble the actual ones, overall you will feel playing a top notch football game, because that's what it is.

We are not going to tell you a thing about graphics and tech stuff because we're sure you are already familiar to RF'12. In short, think of this RF'13 as a loving and honed version of last year's edition.

Regarding gameplay, a lot of managing options have been added, so you can easily get swamped in them unless you learn to pass them over. While actually playing a match, controls are easy to learn but are quite tricky if you want to perform spectacular dribblings or avoid to be sanctioned with a red card for rough playing.

Game's free, but as you could expected, nearly anything you can imagine is in-app purchaseable, to the point of wondering why this game wasn't released with a paid version instead of a constant trickle of micro-expenses. Of course, you can play for free for ever, but your progress will be so slow that you eventually would give it up, and that would be shame because it's really a good game that has nothing to envy to other more popular and well-known football franchises coming from console gaming.

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