Sexy Jokes



If you’re in the mood for some sexy fun, then you’ve come to the right place!

Are you the Joker type who would do anything for a good round of laughter?

Well, you are not alone. We’ve put together the best set of pranks to play not on your friends or family, but on someone even more special…your girlfriend. Get her to do sexy things without even realizing she’s doing them! Get lucky, have fun and build some great memories of you and your girlfriend! “Fun” has just reached a new level!

“ HAhahahahahahHAHAHA…roflmao, these are great!” - Joe H.

This app has come here to save you from boredom! This app has come here to make you burst into endless laughter! Play these pranks on your girlfriend and you will be entertained and…aroused!

An app with an extraordinary power: making people feel good. An app that might even help you to… get lucky. An app that will bring laughter and hot moments together!

Well, everyone loves a good laugh. And if it’s combined with some hot fun, then it will ensure the success of a party, even if it’s a party where the only two guests are you and your girlfriend… If you would like to see what she has to offer, even before she actually gives it to you, if you would like to push your chances further, or if you would just like to have some fun with your girl, then these pranks are just perfect for you!

From now on, your relationship will never feel dull again. These pranks will make you explode in laughter. But remember: these are not simple april fools day jokes, they are serious, hot, incredibly fun adult games that might lead to serious adult actions, involving naked women and men… Increase your chances of getting lucky in an original, funny and almost-childish way!

If you have been involved in a relationship for a longer period of time, then you surely need something to kick the monotony out of the safe nest it has built between the two of you. And these pranks are just perfect for that! At the other end of the stick, if you have just started to go out with the sexy girl of your dreams, you surely need something to “break the ice” and to bring you two a bit closer. These pranks might also help you. You see, no matter from which point of view you look at it, these adult games are a magic box of laughter that will go well with whatever stage of a relationship you are now in: it will warmly welcome the “erotic” and the “entertained” as special guests to your party.

Tired of the not-so-sexy adult toys? Do you want to play an adult game that is as funny and energy-boosting as any of the outdoors games you used to play as a kid, but has a sexy twist to it? Well, the answer to your wish is this collection of jokes that will bring tears of enjoyment to your eyes and that will also entertain you more than an adult movie. Learn how to make your girlfriend things she is too shy to do, and do it in a funny way! Learn how to take your relationship further in a jokingly manner! Learn how to be erotic without red lights, adult movie quotes and without having been with as many women as Don Juan! Learn how to set fire to your relationship in a matter of seconds!

Download now! Laugh! Get lucky! Get some of the sexy stuff out there! Get entertained at the highest and most…intimate level!

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