TAISO's review

by Peter Warrior

Roll your phone to perform tricks in air

  • Very original
  • It could be more serious
  • It needs a user interface


Taiso comes to be a gymnastic game, your character rolls around a bar and you have to make him jump, perform tricks while in air and land gracefully. In order to so, tap to release him and, hold tight, move and rotate your device first like if you were possessed to finally keep you device still to land on your feet. Them, check the replay to know what you did and your final score.

Game graphics are 8bit-like and music is MIDI-esque, like the games of yonder. However, there are no tutorial (video tutorial here), stages, challenges, story, menus or whatsoever, so our dream of a gymnastics sim is kept beyond our reach. Indeed, besides its great originality it's hard to find any incentive or attraction to play Taiso. Download it, test it, say "how original" aloud and uninstall. Fortunately, it's free, no ads. Somehow an experiment, we'd rather say.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Mar 15, 2013

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