Whopper Fishing by MOMO



★ Well polished high grade fishing simulation

★ Rave reviews from loyal fans!!
- I can’t even compare this game to other
games of the same genre. It’s highly
addictive and fun.
- I feel like I’m actually fishing every night.
- Excellent graphics. The fish you catch in the
game actually looks like the real deal.

★ Utilization of high quality 3D graphics to
bring you a true to life sea fishing experience
in the palm of your hands.

★ The #1 smart device fishing game Whopper
Fishing has been updated with various system
modes and upgraded graphics.

★ Update info
1. Various play mode for your enjoyment.
- Travel to various fishing spots in ‘Travel
- Compete with other users in real-time in
‘Tournament mode’

2. Items to boost your fishing experience.
- Utilize fishing equipment such as reinforced
fishing rods to catch bigger fish.
- use your points for bait and other fishing rods

3. introducing the ‘Happy Box’ system.
- You can use the points which you have required
to purchase ‘cash items’.

4. Fishing hot spots from around the world!
- San Diego Black Marine
- Maui Blue Marine

5. Real true to life fish for you to claim!
- over 200+ types of fish for you to catch and

6. Re-tweaked Fishing experience (tension,
strength) balancing.
- Shorter time frame in between each session
- Bigger fish + shorter waiting time

★ Whopper Fishing Features
1. Utilization of high quality 3D graphics to
bring to you a true-to-life fishing experience.

2. Over 200+ types of fish.

3. Life like fishing gameplay.

4. Climatic effects such as rain and snow has
been added for a real life fishing experience.

5. Predator system has been included to increase
tension! Be careful when you’re out there!

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