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A casual game

  • Nothing special
  • Lack of purpose of an overall poor game
  • Forceclosing issues

"Tip or handle"

This game, which could be the epitome of casual gaming, is about throwing knives at a spinning wheel to get points. You can choose what's on that wheel, either a blonde girl or color bullseyes. Either way, the more difficult the throw, the more points you get.

In order to throw a knife tap on the screen and swipe to wherever you want the knife lands. After a few shoots you'll have mastered the technique and be able to throw it anywhere you want and get perfect results.

Unfortunately, this game is packed with several major flaws, aside from being a nonsense gaming without storyline or purpose other than getting a higher score. It gets boring very quickly, and if it doesn't, it's most likely a forceclose will change your opinion.

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Jun 12, 2013

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