Plumber Crack


Plumber Crack's review

Toss items into the plumbers crack under the kitchen sink

  • 3D graphics
  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Upgrading system
  • Unlockable achievements and trophies
  • Different items and power-ups
  • Only for casual playing.

"Freshen the plumber"

Fluik's Plumber Crack is a casual game which perfectly merges challenging gameplay and hilarious sense of humor. Use your finger to swipe items into the plumbers crack and earn buckets of bucks you can invest in power-ups and new items.

Gameplay might sound simple but don't count your chickens just yet. The plumber moves randomly to challenge your aim and reflexes. In addition, each type of item has its specific physics. Try to beat your own streaks and earn enough cash to purchase items and power-ups items from the in-game store. You will also win trophies as you get further levels.

There are 4 different game modes: Zen, Arcade, Time Attack and Sharpshooter. That boosts game's playability by making it less repetitive.

3D graphics are neat. Touchscreen controls and responsive. Fun is granted.

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