1941 Frozen Front


1941 Frozen Front's review

by Peter Warrior

A WW2 tactics game

  • Deep tactics game
  • Historical documentation
  • Hotseat mode (up to 3 players by turns)
  • Minor design flaws
  • Gameplay tweaks oriented to in-app purchasing

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"General Winter tactics"

1941 is a tactical game played on a hex grid board in which we recreate battles between allied and axis forces in the WW2. It's a deep tactical game, though the first levels act as a tutorial, and it can become pretty challenging and fulfilling once you know beyond the basics, for example when you start to ration ammo or sacrifice units in a gambit to attack your enemy by his sides. Likewise, you have to be aware of terrain and bog of war. strategy lovers will definitively love it.

However, it isn't gold all that shines. Graphics are good, but there are some annoying minor flaws, as units don't face rival's (and fire backwards) and an unnatural repair aka "magic healing" system to "cure" units on field, something more usual in fantasy settings but that seems odd in this case and just an excuse for in-app purchases. We'd also like to see more different scenarios and units.

In exchange, there's a hotseat mode to share the same device with two more players.

This game is free, ad-supported.

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Aug 19, 2013

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