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Airport sim at its finest . Airport Ops is an airport simulation strategy game where you build or destroy your own airport however you want . Add airliners to get the best aircraft / planes to your airport . Manage the chaos of controlling air and ground traffic avoiding jams and crashes . Maintain a good relationship with airliners in order to keep them wanting to do business with your airport . After all the building and explosions , showcase your 5 star Airport to the world :-).

Build the Airport
With countless buildings to choose from , you can build your airport the way you really want. Place your buildings strategically to help manage traffic flow and increase your reputation with Airlines . Generate passengers by building passenger buildings like train , bus stations etc . Earn money by building commercial buildings like hotels , casinos etc . Decorate and make your airport unique by building rare buildings .

Manage Traffic
Manage and control airport traffic . Avoid delays and crashes to gain good reputation with Airlines . Bad reputation will delay your airport from getting offers from airlines and may even get your contract terminated with that Airline . The bigger airlines you have the more money you will get .

Keep Airlines Happy
Keeping your reputation high increases your chances of reaching 5 star rating of the airport . Avoiding crashes and delays will keep the airliners happy .

**Game Objectives***
-Build your airport to a 5 star rating
-Keep your airport and contracted airlines reputation above 90
-Complete missions to get rewards
-Upgrade buildings (Terminal, Hotel, Runway, Hangar, Fuel Station , etc.)
-Attract contracts from major Airlines
-Avoid flight delays
-Prevent traffic from crashing
-Unlock achievements
-Conquer your region
-Build restaurants , car parks and hotels to get earn money

-Different airplane types ( concorde , boeing 747 , mooney bravo , cessna , boeing 737 , douglas DC ,beechcraft king air , etc )
-Control ground traffic
-propeller planes , jet planes
-private and commercial airplanes
-sim like style of game play
-plane collisions
-Fire Stations
-lots of missions to complete
-addictive game play
-free to play game

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