American Civil War (Conflicts)

American Civil War (Conflicts)

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Conflicts: American Civil War is a highly rated turn based strategy game set on the Southwest North America during the American Civil War.

You are in the command of the Confederate armies during the American Civil War. The object of the game is to conquer the Union or at least hold on to as much area as possible until the year 1866. To have a chance to seize the top spot in the Hall of Fame you need to skillfully encircle scores of Union units, while trying to deal with the meager Confederate resources.

The game is over if:
+ Either side controls all the cities, or
+ The year 1866 begins.


+ Two game modes:
(1) NORMAL MODE: All the resources go to the resource pool automatically (quick & easy).
(2) SUPPLY MODE: You manually transport ammo to attacking units, and gold to major cities (requires more planning).

+ Competitive: Measure your skills against others fighting for the Hall of Fame top spots.

+ Long-lasting: Thanks to in-built variation and the game's smart AI technology, each game provides a unique war gaming experience.

+ Experienced units learn new skills, like improved attack or defence performance, ability to cross rivers without losing move points.

+ Challenging: Crush your enemy quickly and earn the bragging rights on the forum.

+ Historical accuracy: Campaign mirrors the historical setup.

+ Supports casual play: Easy to pick up, leave off, continue later.

+ Settings: Various options are available to alter the look of the gaming experience: Switch between terrain themes, change difficulty level, choose icon set for units (NATO or REAL), decide what is drawn on the map, change font and hexagon sizes.

+ Inexpensive: An entire war for the price of a coffee!

+ Tablet friendly strategy game: Automatically scales the map for any physical screen size/resolution from small smartphones to HD tablets, while settings allow you to fine tune hexagon and font sizes.

In order to be a victorious general, you must learn to coordinate your attacks in two ways. First, as adjacent units give support to an attacking unit, keep your units in groups in order to gain local superiority. Secondly, it is rarely the best idea to use brute force when it is possible to encircle the enemy and cut off its supply lines instead.

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Conflict-Series has offered highly rated strategy games on Android since 2011. Thank you for all the well thought-out suggestions over the years which have allowed campaigns to improve at a much higher rate than what any indie developer could dream of. if you have any feedback about Conflict-Series please use email, this way we can have a constructive back and forth conversion without all the limits set by the comment system. In addition, because I have huge number of projects, and their free versions, available on multiple stores, it’s just not very smart to spend handful of hours each day going through hundreds and hundreds of pages spread all over the Internet to see if somebody has posted a question somewhere -- just send me an email and I will answer to it as soon as I'm online. Thanks for understanding!

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Recently changed in this version

If you have any suggestions, please use email. This way, I can reply and help you better.

+ Revised river crossing cost (each own unit at target hexagon reduces cost by 1)
+ Skull: Third option & extra settings
+ Setting: River Crossing confirmation
+ Setting: Round city icon option
+ Setting: White borders on units
+ New background pattern (#6)
+ Setting: Turn Skills ON/OFF
+ Relieve requires MPs
+ Added Forests
+ HOF cleanup

+ Entrenchment can be occupied by another unit

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  • (70 stars)

    by Jeffrey Carter on 01/09/2014

    Ive mastered outflanking! The northerners fear me!

  • (70 stars)

    by mort vh on 23/08/2014

    Barbarossa works fine. Bought civil war. It says installed but never showed on my kindle. Help pls

  • (70 stars)

    by Adam Clark on 21/07/2014

    Loved this game very well thought and great com. Player makes your time spent filled with twists and turns

  • (70 stars)

    by brian wingard on 02/07/2014

    Its like the old Avalon Hill games except its on a phone or tablet

  • (70 stars)

    by Spencer Harrelson on 23/06/2014

    Man got sucked in and played 3 days straight super addictive

  • (70 stars)

    by Tim Maloney on 07/06/2014

    Excellent game in a long line.