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Protect the hill and feed the ants with dead bugs

  • Excellent gameplay and concept
  • Highly enjoyable, well-crafted

"The king of the hill"

AntHill is a strategy arcade game featuring ants as the main characters.

The objective in the game is to protect the hill from the enemy bugs, who are willing to attack you no matter what. At the same time, you need to feed the ants by collecting food and bringing it back to the hill. The gameplay is quite original and enjoyable: you need to draw a pheromone trail and direct the forces towards different destinations, planning strategically how many are enough and who are the most suitable for each job (workers, soldiers, spitters, drones).

The idea is well-thought, the design is great and the gameplay is entertaining, we have no complaints regarding this particular game. We appreciate the originality of the concept, much better than other similar apps.

Thumbstar Games Ltd is the developer of this tower defense-like game with a more complex gameplay. Download if you were looking for something different and stimulating.

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