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Battle Monkeys is a turn-based board-like game.

  • Graphics
  • Controls
  • Original gameplay
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Tutorial should be enhanced

"Monkeys on the table"

This is an original board-like game for Android. You're in a world where monkeys rule (yes, like Planet of the Apes) and the only way to find out who's the boss is fighting. However, monkeys are more civilized than you think. They don't fight like wrestling: they've have found out another system (although the end is still the same: one wins and the rest bites the dust).

This system is a magic board where the tile in which you step up launches an action that can punish your opponents or yourself. There are three enemies to defeat in the board. Each player have a plot, which is a grid of tiles. It's a turn-based game, so in each turn try to jump over the right tiles. The problem: the distribution of the tiles changes in each turn. Try to guess where the tiles that would benefit you will be and jump over them.

You can play both single player mode or multiplayer. The latter allows you to play against players from around the world. However, this mode is unlock in the beginning (you'll need to unlock it by playing single mode). The more you play, the higher level you'll reach: this would be crucial on your online battles.

The game is set in stunning 3D graphics. Best of all, this doesn't even cause lag issues on medium-end devices. Tap to control your monkey moves through the board. It's really easy to get the hang of it. In a few words: a great game.

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