Castle Defense


Castle Defense's review

by Peter Warrior

A classical tower defense

  • Easy to learn and play
  • Free, ad-supported
  • Needs overall design improvement

"Wonder what should you do"

Although tower defense games aren't as old, som eof them can be already labeled as "classic" tower defense games, either because they were one of the first or because they keep the essence of those first games. This case is the latter.

Castle Defense doesn't bring anything new to the genre, nor it pretends so. There's a path, some towers to deploy and a few soldiers to scatter. Of course, towers are upgradeable, as are your stats (health, mana) and your soldiers' skills. If your defenses can't be improved further, there's a x2 icon. Likewise, you can tap on the "entrance" to call early the next wave. Game's goal, as it couldn't be otherwise, is to stop enemies from reaching your endzone.

Graphics are cartoony but not very flashy, and it's a pity that you can't zoom in anything because monsters, buildings and soldiers look a little bit poor as they are. Sound effects aren't appalling at all, abd there are enough levels to comfortably play for a long while. And it's free (ad-supported). recommended for tower defense fans looking for their roots or newcomers to the genre.

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