Cell Wars Lite



** NOTE: Version 2.01 has a known bug that may crash on opening. A fix (v2.02) is already on its way to Google Play and should be available in a couple hours to address this. **

Battle it out in this exciting turn-based game of strategy and risk! Play against four other enemies until you have conquered all of the cells.

Whether you are looking for a quick five minute battle or a longer campaign of epic strategy, the variety of game modes and options are sure to provide you with an endless supply of challenge and fun!


- Randomly generated maps for a unique battle every time
- Win / Loss Statistics
- Various starting scenarios that each provide a different style of play.
- Multiple difficulty settings
- Different map sizes

Purchase the full version to increase the fun!

- Harder difficulty levels
- More map sizes
- Different starting scenarios
- Environment variations like Fog of War
- Multiplayer Pass & Play

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