Clash of Lords 2: New Age


Clash of Lords 2: New Age's review

by Peter Warrior

An online real time strategy game

  • Free,
  • Above average technical performance
  • In-app purchases galore
  • Typical flaws of the genre

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"The Lord of the Clans"

To put it softly, Clash of Lords belongs to the Clash of genre. I mean, it's an online real time strategy game, conveniently free to play with enough in-app purchases as to sink a battleship. These iAPs are optional, of course, but save you from the Swamp of Grinding, the Caves of Pointless Boredom and the vast Sea of Eternal Waiting.

However, these Lords 2 brings some news to the genre, as paying more attention to heroes' development, and if you're a hardcore player of any similar game you may reach the conclusion that this Clash of Lords 2 is better than many, both in technical performance and raw fun.

On the other hand, it has also bequeathed all the typical flaws you would expect. Anyway, in the end, not only is far above average, but it could be even considered better than the reference in the RTS genre.

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May 26, 2014

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