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    Best game about flies!
    ★★★★★ Cute cute graphics!!! Loved the game just as well.
    ★★★★★ Excellent, funny and addictive!
    ★★★★★ So casual, but so exciting and strategic, flies are adorable!
    You have an experience of fight against flies? With these annoying winged insects who can drive everyone up the wall. They always wish to regale on products, to pick in garbage and maliciously to rub the pads. Become Lord of the Flies and exterminate others colonies! Begin ruthless fight, immediately!

    The whole colony of flies passes under your command. Your task is reduced to capture of neutral and enemy control points. It would seem, it is quite simple task, but hours of brain storm and strategic puzzles can be behind it!
    Game process. On the card control points which need to be taken are designated. Each level begins with one or several bases. On the card there are also neutral control points which need to be taken to strengthen the positions and level of growth of population of flies.
    The main objective – to capture so-called "bases" of the opponent.
    Everything is rather simple – you choose the base and you send to the necessary control point. Flies will fly to the specified party until to face a control point.
    In case flies were sent to the base, they fill up garrison if on the enemy – battle until will be destroyed or won't destroy opponents. If on your party – the base passes overweight to you.
    If you were bothered by popular games which at everyone very famous, surely it is worth paying attention to the Беззумный Мух / Crazy Fly project. After all game justifies all hopes rested upon it because it fully meets the requirements of a genre and to needs of players.

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