Downtown Mafia - Gang War Game


Downtown Mafia - Gang War Game's review


Take control of the streets in this text-based RPG game

  • Easy-to-follow text based adventure
  • Large buttons
  • Strong push to spend real money
  • Limiting gameplay system
  • Way too much reading
  • Noticeable grammar and spelling errors

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"Become the downtown mafia king"


You know the basic rules of an RPG. You select your character, face off into (usually) turn-based gameplay. You select your attacks, heal up, and then you’re done. Downtown Mafia – Gang War Game for the Android, or Downtown Mafia (RPG) for the iOS, will let you choose your thug class, right before entering into a turf war. Depending on your class, you’ll run through missions, reading the dialogues and choosing the correct options. You’ll earn money for each job done, which you can use to fight in harder missions. Soon, however, you’ll level up and face off against real players.


Downtown Mafia succeeds in turning the RPG genre into an easy-to-follow text-based adventure, where you’re in charge, featuring a clean UI, large buttons, and clear instructions that won’t bog down your device.


The main problem with Downtown Mafia is its strong push to spend real money, forcing an energy system, limiting overall gameplay, especially on multiplayer, for newer players, along with clear grammatical and spelling issues, and just way too much reading.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 16, 2016

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