Epic Defense – the Elements


Epic Defense – the Elements's review

by Peter Warrior

A tower defense game where you combine gems to build towers.

  • Good tower defense game.
  • Graphics and animations could be improved a little.

"Epic Did you say epic?"

Epic defense is, as you'd expect, a tower defense game. It has everything you could ask to a game of this kind and the same flaws as well. In addition, it's free, there aren't too many ads (at least the few we've seen are for getting coins in exchange for downloading this or that app) and there are a ton of playable levels. Graphics are nice and sound is fair. Animations are rather poor, what we could consider usual at defense games.

It has an other remarkable twist. When it comes to build a tower, you first have to rise a weak watchtower. Every twenty enemies or so you can build a new one. The point is that there are three kind of gems (hold tight, fire, ice and light) you can combine in series of three onto a watchtower to create the tower you want or need. I've taken the little trouble of writing them down for your convenience:

I haven't used the same names as DreamStudio does, but I'm sure we'll understand each other.

Three red gems: volcano tower. Low range, highest damage.

Three blue gems: ice tower. Freezes.

Three yellow gems: lighting tower. Maximum range.

Two red, one blue: fire arrow tower.

Two red, one yellow: flamethrower tower.

Two blue, one red: delaying aura tower.

Two blue, one yellow: snowball tower.

Two yellow, one red: chain lighting tower.

Two yellow, one blue: spark tower.

One of each: holy tower. It isn't a panacea, though, unless you want to beat magical defended foes.

These gems fall to the ground when their owners desist on their mission (aka, they die).

Besides, towers and lifes can be upgraded through the shop, so don't forget to pick up the coins your foes leave now and then.

In the end, a good defense game. If you're into it, go ahead.

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