Galaxy Empire


Galaxy Empire's review

by Peter Warrior

A colony management game

  • Smart management game
  • Nice artwork and music
  • It might need more action

"To seek out new worlds and so"

Galaxy Empire can be easily included in the management games category, though we might fall short then. In this game you have to raise a space colony and mine resources to explore new planets where raise new colonies. Of course, if deep space were a peaceful place awaiting to be mined there wouldn't be game at all, so there are some space battles and surprises scattered here and there.

Graphics are what you would expect, and there's some nice artwork when loading stages. Music is above average and the community features, mostly an online chat can make this game's life much longer. There's also a smart use of the user interface, which really helps to enjoy the game.

In short, Galaxy Empire won't satisfy players looking for "pew pew" space battles, nor hardcore RPG gamers. Galaxy Empire is a management game thought to be played a while each day and enjoy the pleasure of every new planet and every new resource discovered.

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Apr 17, 2013

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