Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium


Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium's review

by Peter Warrior

A high-quality tower defense game

  • High quality graphics
  • Strategic gameplay
  • More 'towers' and foes would be appreciated

"You have my bow...and my axe"

From the creators of several other high rated Tower Defense games, come Guns'n'Glory: Heroes, even when the medieval setting doesn't favor the "guns" part of the title. Anyway, have for sure there'll be a lot of glory in it.

Gameplay doesn't differ from traditional tower defense games. However, here the strategy is nearer to wisely manage upgrades instead of building the more towers the better, because you only get three (movable)towers: a knightly knight, an elvish elf and an also pleonasmic drwarven dwarf, every one with his specific cliche powers and cliche strengths.

Graphics and sounds are nice, but this game needs an option to fast forward pace when you know that enemies can't overrun you and far more characters and enemies. On the other hand, dialogues and plot are appreciated in we don't hesitate to tell you that this can be considered a great defense game up to its predecessors.

Tags: elfe carnage , guns and glory medieval , guns n glory ww2 , mium , three heroes in ww2

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Jan 31, 2013

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