Guns'n'Glory Zombies


Guns'n'Glory Zombies's review

by Peter Warrior

Z-version of the acclaimed Guns'n'Glory game

  • Guns'n'glory usual action
  • Smooth and thrilling gameplay
  • Overuse of cliches
  • Design may not be of your liking

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"Chainsaw, cleavage, zombies."

Disclaimer! If you are too much into zombies, or if you are a fan of Guns'n'glory franchise, don't read this review and proceed to download. Thank you.

To those of you who remain, well, it's a Guns'n'Glory game, so you can expect dual-stick non-stop arcade-like action, and the zombies add-on means flamethrowers, bazookas and chainsaws. For no good reason, it also includes cartoon cleavage galore and so cliches that would make J. Romero wake up in his grave (wait, he isn't dead yet!)

Anyway, this game is fun as hell, but doesn't bring anything new to the genre or the GnG franchise, and it isn't even the best GnG game. Perhaps HandyGames should start thinking about something wholly new before releasing the same game over and over.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Oct 03, 2013

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