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Hills of Glory 3D Free Europe's review

A 3D active defense game

  • Free, ad supported
  • Explosions and FX
  • A li'l bit of humor in an intense game
  • Overall, no complaints

"Excuse me, which way to Berlin?"

Regarding what we usually call "active defense games", this is, games in which we must defend a position by shooting at incoming enemies instead of typical defense games where you only build defenses and enjoy the show, it should be said that they were quite stuck as a genre. Fortunately, here's Hills of Glory 3D, the game that will push all this forward.

At a first glance, graphics are outstanding, with special emphasis on explosions and fire, and user interface has been reduced to a minimal expression to enjoy as much screen as possible. You'll soon discover that every new weapon is activated through a certain gesture. Tap to shoot your rifle, tap and hold to shoot your mortar, or slide with two fingers to release napalm from a chopper a la Apocalypse Now style. In addition, there's an original system to upgrade your weapons, requiring some items to be collected in order to unlock those upgrades. Two difficulty levels guarantee some replayability and, given the Europe WW2 scenario, it can thus be assumed that we might see more Hills of Glory games set in the Eastern Front, or even in the Civil War, the Crusades or whenever.

HOG3D is free to play, ad supported. It's an addictive, technically far above average, and fun game. Highly recommended, no matter whether you have ever played games of this kind before.

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